Bali Sea Cruises | Adventure Activities

By | June 7, 2012

Bali Sea Cruises

The luxury cruises to explore Bali strait and Lembongan Island is the most fantastic adventure that you can join on your lovely vacation in this paradise island. The cruises depart from Benoa Port as the embarkation to the most beautiful island with white sandy beach and beautiful underwater life. You will be hosted in the elegant luxury cruise ship event a yacht with complete facilities, entertainments and friendly crew ships to make your trips are enjoyable. The exciting cruise activities are the optional that will give you the complimentary experiences.

Bali Sea Cruises

Bali Sea Cruises

Bali Day Cruises

Bali Island is a complete tourist destination providing you many tourist attractions that meet your needs and a day cruise is the most fantastic adventures that will complete your holidays in this island. We provide several choices of day cruises in Bali includes the type of boats where you can select one of them to meet you day program in this island of God.


Bali Hai CruiseBali Hai CruiseBali Hai Cruise is the exclusive cruise company providing several cruises program including overnight cruise at their luxury huts in Lembongan Island. It is a well adventure company specially dealing with cruise adventures where you can select of the most favorite cruises program to fulfill your vacation in Bali. Please see more …


Bounty CruiseBounty CruiseBounty Cruise is another cruise company providing the exciting cruise activities to explore the second biggest island in Bali, Nusa Penida Island. The cruise is depart at 09.00 am from the embarkation of Benoa Port and arriving back at 16.00 pm. You will be complemented by the elegant luxury boat with complete facilities, entertainments, cruise activities and friendly services from entire crews. See more..


Quick Silver CruiseQuick Silver CruiseQuick Silver is a cruise company providing the fantastic cruise to Lembongan Island with elegant and fast boat departing from Benoa Port at 09.00 and arriving back at 16.00. the cruise is very exciting to explore the beautiful island of Lembongan with attractive cruise activities including village tour to discover the local Balinese life. See more…


Wakalouka LogoBali Wakalouka Cruise Wakalouka Cruise provides the fantastic cruise activities using catamaran boat. It is a sailing cruise to Lembongan Island with limited space that accommodates 40 people maximum. You will be hosted in the luxury yacht with friendly services and exciting cruise activities at Lembongan Island.  See more…


Bali Sail Sensation CruiseBali Sail Sensation CruiseSail Sensation Cruise is a sailing catamaran boat dealing with the exciting cruise to Lembingan Island accommodating 115 people. It is ideally for private charter cruise with medium number of people to get the privacy services with fantastic cruises activities. See more…

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