Quicksilver Day Cruise Activities

By | May 7, 2014

Quicksilver Day Cruise Activities



Quicksilver Day Cruise will give you an excellent opportunity to see the coral formations and tropical fish without getting wet. See the board on Subseapontoon for departure times. The trip takes approximately 20 minutes and no booking is necessary. The subsea carry 34 passengers on each trip.

Snorkeling on Quicksilver Day Cruise


Equipment will be available when you arrive at the pontoon and our snorkeling advisors. And also, the snorkeling will be happy to help you. Snorkels have been palaced in a disinfectant solution and you are asked to rinse them in the sea before use. The water of the pontoon is a 6 meters deep do you must be able to swim if entering the water from the swimming platform. Due to occasional strong currents, we advise that you swim inside the swimming enclosure. Freshwater showers are on the pontoon near the boarding ramp, and we ask you to please dry off before entering the cabin.

Banana Boat Rides


Banana Boat RidesFun rides on our banana boat are available from the pontoon shortly after arrival and will continue all day. No booking is required, and a life vest is supplied.

Village Walking Tour


A transit boat will take you to the beach for a guided tour of the village. The first tour will commence at 11.00 am and will take approximately 30 Village Walking Tours – Yoyapakeh Villageminutes. You will see Hindu temples and Moslem, seaweed farms, the market and many other interesting aspects of village life. We ask you please not to take any shells from the beach. In respect of the village customs please wear a T-shirt while in the village. Shoes are recommended. A complimentary coconut drink will be available on the beach. No booking is necessary for village tours.

Scuba Diving


Anyone interest in doing certified or introductory dives Scuba Diving should see our dive staff as soon as possible, please ask for information at the Bar. No previous experience is necessary for introductory dives and this is a great opportunity for you to try this popular and exciting underwater sport. It is essential that you look early as there is a dive lecture that is attending, and there are only a limited number of spaces available.