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Payment through Paypal Terms and Conditions:

  1. Every payment is made through Paypal will be applied the extra charge of 4% from the total invoice for covering Pay Pal and fluctuation local exchange rate fee.
  2. Paypal has the authority to charge your credit card or travel checks and do the communication with your bank.
  3. All transactions are made through Paypal will be on Paypal responsibility and if there is any of discharge occur from Paypal, you have to contact Paypal directly.
  4. Paypal is using high alert protection of transaction online to protect their customer and cardholder including you, therefore sometime the transaction will be held/reject/denied by the Paypal for security reason. So please contact Paypal directly to clarify your transaction.
  5. To avoid fraudulent of online transactions, please ensure that you stand on the page official of Paypal (


How to pay through Paypal?

  1. Please click the Pay Now button below and you will be connected to Paypal Website ( right on the page of Bali Trip Adventures.
  2. If the page is still in Indonesia Language, you can switch it into your own language at the top right of website.
  3. There are two column will be displayed on the page those left and right.
  4. In the left side, you must type the activities/services that you have reserved and in the column of price you have type the total amount of our invoice.
  5. In the right side, you will be offer two ways of Paypal access those are with your existing Paypal Account and without Paypal Account.
  6. If you have the account at Paypal, then you can follow with your existing account but if you do not have the Paypal Account, you can choose ‘Do not have the Paypal Account’.
  7. If you have the account at Paypal, you can log in and use your existing account and follow all the instructions.
  8. If you do not have Paypal Account, you just click ‘Do not have the Paypal Account’ button and afterward fill the form completely.
  9. After the form is filled completely, then you can click the ‘Review and Continue’ button on the bottom of the page.
  10. The next page, you will be displayed the review of the transaction before confirming the charge.
  11. The additional charge of 4% will be added automatically by the system for covering Pay Pal and fluctuation local exchange rate fee
  12. If you have filled the data completely, then you can click the ‘Continue’ button to process your payment.
  13. Congratulation, your payment is done. We will receive the payment notification through our email that you have settled the payment.
  14. Some time the Paypal may react your transaction since the Paypal use very sensitive alert of customer protection therefore your payment will be held for couple of days. To avoid this circumstance, we recommend you to contact the Paypal by phone (the fastest way) or via email to clarify to your transactions. To get the contact address of Paypal, you must access their website ( and find the ‘Contact Us’ menu on the bottom of page.
  15. Please note that the payment must be sent to [email protected] through paypal website.
  16. Are you ready to pay now?
  17. If you do not ready yet, you can Contact Us before confirming your payment.

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