Bali Water Sports | Marine Adventure Activities

By | June 8, 2012

Bali Water Sports Activities

Bali Water Sport is the exciting water activities includes Jet Ski, Parasailing, Banana Boat Riding, Donut Riding, Fly Fish, Water Ski and Snorkeling those are all executed at Tanjung Benoa Beach,  a beautiful white sandy beach with calm seawater. It the fantastic marine adventure using motorize boat with attractive and challenges activities that will make you holidays unforgettable one. Bali Water Sport is one of the most favorite’s marine adventures joined by tourists in this island of God that is ideally done in day time and high tide only.

Bali Water Sport Activities

Bali Water Sport Activities

Tanjung Benoa Beach, Bali Marine Sport Center

Marine Adventure Activities is your real water adventures mostly using motorize boat with exciting activity programs. International standard safety equipments are well provided including the guide to make secure on every activity. Tanjung Benoa is a traditional village situated in south part of Bali ans surrounded by the sea is an ideally for water sport activities and the local government has appointed this beach as a center of water sport in Bali.

Water SportJET SKI

Riding an imported Jet Ski with international brand and 700 cc motorize power to break the beautiful beach and accompanied by experienced Jet Ski guide. Jet Ski riding is an exciting water sport activities to surround the Tanjung Benoa within 15 minutes and you will discover the exotic beach of Tanjung Benoa with golden sand stretch along the coastal. See more…

Bali ParasailingPARASAILING

Parasailing is an exciting adventure flying on the sky using parachute and pull by the power boat. You will fly 45 meters on the sky and discover the beautiful Bali Island in particular Tanjung Benoa beach area. The professional guide instructor will lead your own fly experience from the sand to look around while enjoy the fresh atmosphere from the sea breeze. See more…


Banana Boat Riding is the fantastic water adventure by riding the rubber boat in form of banana and pull by the power boat to surround Tanjung Benoa Beach area. It is an exciting activity in particular along with the group member which can be accommodated up to 5 – 6 peoples.  The boat riding will bring you to the great experience for 15 minutes riding and see more..

Bali Water SkiWATER SKI

Water Ski is the challenges water adventure using long tin board and pulls by the power boat. Your trips will be very challenges and need a skill to run the board. It is a great activity where you can combine the sport and recreation into the exciting adventures at Tanjugn Benoa Beach. See more..

Bali Donut Riding DONUT RIDING

Donut Riding is a fun adventure activity by riding a rubber boat in form of Donut and pull by the power boat to surround the beautiful beach of Tanjung Benoa. It is a challenge activity that need your concentration to hold the boat handle since it will turn around when the boat pull it. See more…

Bali Fly Fish AdventuresFLY FISH

The Fly Fish is the great water adventure where you will have the opportunity of flying on the water using the rubber boat in form of fly fish and pull by the power boat. It is an exciting and challenge water activity flying on the rubber boat accompanied by the experience guide. See more…

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