Bali Fishing Adventures

By | June 9, 2012


Bali Island is a small island strategically located in the Indonesian archipelagos with tropical atmosphere and Wide Ocean surrounds it. Catching fish on Bali Fishing Trips is an exciting adventure with great challenges and experiences using power boat and accompanied by the fishing guide to explore the specific fishing spot in this paradise island of Bali. Mahi – mahi, blue fin, Giant Traveler, Tuna and other coral fishes are the dream fishes to catch on every fishing tour with your own style fishing technical. We usually provide two type of fishing includes trawling fishing and coral deep seas fishing those are completely exciting.

Bali Fishing Adventures

Bali Fishing Adventures

Fishing Embarkation

Tanjung Benoa Beach is the marine sport center in Bali provides comprehensive range of water sport activities including fishing tour. You will depart from our counter at 07.00 am to explore the appointed fishing points around Uluwatu, Bali’s peninsula along with our experience fishing guide and using power boat.

Bali Trawling Fishing AdventuresTRAWLING FISHING

Trawling Fishing is a great fishing technical using powerboat by trawling the bait in back of boat while the boat keep run. It is a perfect technical fishing to catch big fish like tuna or some time blue fin, mahi-mahi and GT (Giant Traveler). The boat will depart at 07.00 from our counter at Tanjung Benoa Beach to explore the specific fishing spot in the Indian Ocean. See more..

Bali Deep Sea FishingDEEP SEA FISHING

Deep Sea Fishing is an exciting fishing technical using powerboat or long boat where fisherman trawl the bait until the coral meanwhile the boat is stand by on the sea. It is a perfect fishing skill having more possibility to catch coral fishes. It is a fantastic fishing trip that will depart from Tanjung Benoa Beach as a base of our marine sport counter. See more..

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