Bali Held a Full Month of Arts Festival

By | June 20, 2015

Bali Held 1 Month for Art Festival

Bali provincial government allocated Rp for the implementation of the Bali Arts Festival 37th centered on Cultural Park, Denpasar, from June 13 to July 11, 2015. From funds, the majority used for coaching group of artist or art gallery will perform at the Bali Arts Festival (PKB)

Bali Art Festival Gallery

Bali Art Festival Funds

The details of the fund are divided in the form of Special Financial Assistance. And, this financial give the nine local governments and municipalities in Bali. Afterward, it will be forwarded to “Sekaa” performing arts mandatory in PKB. Furthermore, they give to “Sekaa” or art galleries that had been designed by a team curator at the provincial level. Meanwhile, they will perform art outside the art required to be displayed in counties and cities. It is used for operational sections such as the provision of billboards, brochures, gifts race, for stage props, media publication, in terms of security and so on.

Associated with the received BKK district/city, not the same amount among the regions. Furthermore, regions like Karangasem, Buleleng, and Jembrana received Rp230,000,000. Meanwhile, the other six counties and cities get Rp210,000,000 respectively. This distinction is based on factors the location of these three districts farther from Denpasar. So, it can be directed to help with the costs of transportation.

Some art which includes mandatory category presented by art groups from the district/city, such as gongs parade Kebyar, five masks, parade Ngawang, Joged, folk songs and so on. There is also a puppet race, gender race puppets, garden Penasar, and Nyastra.