Bali Elephant Safari Ride Adventures

Bali Elephant Safari Ride

The greatest adventure in Bali is some things you have the fantastic experience more over when you have the experience to explore the pure nature of Bali. Here is starting to invite you to the exciting adventure activities by riding the Sumatra’s Elephant and doing the safari to surround the beautiful Elephant Park at Taro or Elephant Camp at Bongkasa Village. It is a great opportunity for you to have the experiences in Bali taking short or full ride accompanied by professional mahout.

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Bali Elephant Safari at Taro is an official member of the World Zoo Association where the park meets the International Standard of animal care and provides the great Elephant Safari to surround the beautiful park. The park is well designed with the exotic eco tourism landscape botanical garden with more than 2 hectares land space completed by facilities includes reception or information center, museum, restaurants, gift shops and parking area.


Bali Elephant CampBali Elephant Camp is the newest adventure companies dealing with the elephant ride to surround the beautiful elephant camp set on the riverbank of Ayung. It provide you the opportunity of riding the Sumatra’s Elephant for safari to surround the beautiful nature by selecting the appropriate time of riding includes short and full ride experiences. Bali Elephant Camp is an ideal place for elephant ride adventure during your vacation in Bali. see more…

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