Bali Mountain Cycling Adventures

Bali Mountain Cycling Adventures

One of the great adventures in Bali by paddling down the mountain bike through the special trails passing through the exotic track includes rice paddy, Balinese village with local social life and Hindu temple with its own story. Today, we are welcome you to join the mountain cycling adventure starting from Kintamani, the high land village on the top of the hill with a breathtaking view of Batur Volcano and Lake. Paddling to the sloping downhill through the special cycling track while enjoying the beautiful natures and rest at several stopovers to discover the unique Balinese social life and cultures, hearing the story of Hindu temples from the professional cycling guide and see the local farmer work on the rice field.

Bali Cycling Tours

Bali Island is well famous as the top priority tourist destinations in the world supported by the best establish adventure companies dealing with the cycling adventures. We are proud to select the best cycling companies who have established and experienced this adventure with specific features and services. The following companies are working together with us to provide these great adventures to bring you into the fantastic experience during your vacation in this paradise island of Bali.


Bali Cycling Tour

Sobek Bali Adventure is a pioneer adventure company in Bali providing the exciting mountain cycling adventure. The professional cycling guides are well committing to provide the best and excellent services that will bring you into the exciting cycling adventures and discover the unique Balinese social life, rice paddy, and Hindu temple. The complete facilities include the safety equipment and comfortable mountain bike are well maintained to perform your trip enjoyable.


Mason Adventure Tours is a good adventure company with several awards on performing the adventure activities in Bali. And also, they provide the exciting cycling adventure perfectly combining two benefits on one trip. These experiences include the fun bike adventures and entering the Bali Elephant Park at Taro. The trip is begun fro paddling down the hill through the special track. And also, the trail passes through the Balinese village and rice paddy. Finally, we stop at the beautiful elephant park to see the Sumatras’ elephants. Furthermore…


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Ayung River Cycling Adventures

Ayung River Rafting is a new adventure company dealing with several adventure activities. They provide mountain cycling, rafting, elephant riding, and horse riding. Meanwhile, they start for cycling adventure at Kintamani. Afterward, we paddle slop downhill passing the Balinese village, rice paddy and finish in Ubud. It provides great and exciting cycling adventures accompanied by a professional cycling guide. Furthermore…


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Mega Rafting Cycling Tour

Mega Rafting is another adventuring company in Bali dealing with several adventure activities includes rafting and cycling. It provides a great cycling adventure from Kintamani and arrives in Ubud. Likewise, we can go for group cycling at Carangsari Village and explore the beautiful rice field. Furthermore…