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Bali Trip Adventures Offers Best Adventures Activities

Bali Trip Adventures offers a large selection of adventure activities on the island of Bali. We are here to fulfill the wishes of tourists who want to do outdoor activities during their vacation on the island of the gods. We have provided many choices for adventure activities. So, there is no need to doubt that we will bring you to enjoy your happy day on this island of heaven. Meanwhile, we have chosen our adventure package with the best service. Similarly, interesting activities and safety guarantees with insurance. On the other hand, we have collaborated with famous adventure operators with a reputation that cannot be doubted. So, your adventure will become a memory that is hard to forget.

Bali Rafting Adventures
Rafting Adventures


Bali Trip Adventures has provided the best adventure options in Bali. This adventure choice is a favorite adventure for tourists who have visited here. Also, this adventure option gives you the freedom to choose outdoor activities to your liking. Likewise, the adventure involves activities on land, sea or river.


Rafting adventure is an exciting adventure to explore the beautiful river in Bali. Furthermore…


Mountain Cycling

Cycling adventure will take you to explore nature and pass through the countryside and furthermore…

Water Sport

Water Sport, bali trip adventures

There are many choices of water sports that will give you an exciting experience. Furthermore…

Elephant Safari

bali elephant ride, bali trip adventures

This will take you to ride a Sumatran elephant and take a safari through a beautiful park. Furthermore…

ATV Ride

ATV Dry Track, bali trip adventures

This adventure is full of adrenaline and takes you to explore the wild using all-terrain vehicles. Furthermore…

Horse Ride

bali horse riding, bali trip adventures

You will enjoy the thrill of horseback riding on the beach with beautiful views of the Indian ocean. Furthermore…

Land Cruises

bali land cruise, bali trip adventures

This adventure will take you to explore the natural village that is beautiful and muddy land. Furthermore…

Sea Cruises

bali sea cruises, bali trip adventures

This will take you to sail to Lembongan island by luxury cruise ship with fantastic activities. Furthermore…


bali trekking adventure, bali trip adventures

This adventure really takes you to an extraordinary experience and blends with pure nature and furthermore…

Sea Walker

seawalker, bali trip adventures

You will be invited to walk on the seabed freely breathing while looking at beautiful fish and corals. Furthermore…


bali diving, bali trip adventures

We will take you to enjoy diving adventures at famous diving spots in Bali. And also, diving courses. Furthermore…


bali fishing, bali trip adventures

This adventure will add to the sensation of the strike when fishing at famous fishing spots in Bali. Furthermore…

Other Services

Bali Golf

Bali Golf, Bali Trip Adventures

Bali Trip Adventures also offers golf packages at all the leading golf courses in Bali. You can enjoy golf games on international standard golf courses scattered on this beautiful island. Likewise, you can choose a golf course from 9 holes to 18 holes. Meanwhile, all golf courses have been designed by renowned golf course designers who make you feel comfortable and enjoy the game. Furthermore…

Most Popular Bali Adventures


bali rafting adventures, bali trip adventures

Rafting adventure is indeed extraordinary that will bring you to a memorable experience. This is the most favorite choice of adventure for tourism in Bali. Therefore, this adventure will take you to enjoy an adventure in a beautiful river for 2 hours passing through 2 – 3 rapid levels. Furthermore…


bali water sports, bali trip adventures

This is a choice for those who like an adventure in seawater. Hence, you can find a selection of water activities with interesting challenges. Likewise, we offer a choice of watersports including jet ski, banana boat, parasailing, snorkeling, fly board, etc. Furthermore…


Bali ATV, bali trip adventures

ATV Ride adventure will take you to an extraordinary sensation. In addition, you will drive yourself an all-terrain vehicle to break through the wild and muddy. So, this will test your adrenaline to adventure in the wild and breakthrough rice fields and cross beautiful villages. Furthermore…


Sea Cruise

This cruise will take you to explore the islands of Lembongan and Nusa Penida with a choice of cruise activities. So, you will enjoy the thrill of sailing to a desert island with exciting cruise activities. Also, you can find a romantic sunset cruise with dinner. Furthermore…